Michael Gitter began creating fountains at a very young age.

Ever since he ripped out the Jungle Gym in the backyard of his childhood home to install his first fountain, Michael has been coming up with creative ways to play with water.

He has built and given away fountains as gifts over the years, but his fountain-making passion has mostly been relegated to a hobby as he built and sold a variety of different start-ups over the years.

One thing he noticed was that despite many people owning fountains, more often than not, the fountains were dried out and not working. Let’s face it- cleaning, and remembering to fill your fountain does take away a lot of the pleasure of owning them.

Since the birth of his first child this February (a water-themed baby daughter named Ocean), this single-dad has decided to pursue fountain-making full-time.
Starting with a collaboration with fellow artist Alex Frascona, the first series of fountains are self-contained acrylic towers, allowing for the tranquil sound and flow of the water, without any of the annoying maintenance.